I Cut These 3 Things and Started Losing Weight

To jump start your weight loss, cutting these 3 items will help! I know when I did, I immediately saw results. Even as soon as days.

  1. Soda
  2. Coffee
  3. Sugar

Soda is the silent killer that people forget about. You can not only eat your calories, but you can drink them. Drinking a soda, or even a sugary drink is way too much for the body to handle. It’s been scientifically proven that these drinks also contain no nutrients that the body really needs and drinking them in excess can really cause damage. According to KSL, sodas can cause illnesses, …”from stroke to kidney stones to dementia.” And in addition to those conditions, …”a 2002 UCLA study found that consuming excessive amounts of sugar reduces the production of the brain chemical called brain-derived neurotrophic factor. Without [this chemical], our brains can’t form new memories and we can’t learn (or remember) much of anything,”

To give you all an idea in a visual way, here is the sugar in granulated form.


The reason I put coffee on this list was because of my coffee habit. When I drank coffee, I would drink a sweetened coffee with sugar or one of those commercial syrups by either Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. Again, for me, coffee was a way to drink my calories. Because I don’t like black coffee, I personally don’t drink it anymore. And I also wanted to show you, the first thing you might put in your body in the morning might be counteractive. I also don’t drink coffee because I read a controversial article about how caffeine can throw your body out of ketosis. Again, not enough research has been done about it, but it’s something I felt I didn’t need anyway.

While this is suggested, if you can drink your coffee black or even with a little milk, this would be optimal. On keto, it is all about low low low carb and no sugars, so coffee is really hard to do because of the carbs in milk.


My last thing I gave up (even before I started the keto diet) was sugar. I gave up all candies and snacks that I loved. I gave up putting sugar on fruits, in coffee, baked goods and most alcohols. Of course I compensate with other satiating things, but getting rid of the main players like my love for rum drinks is essential. While you can both eat sugar and drink sugar, your body will thank you if you give it up. Sugar is keeping us overweight. It’s also a leading cause of heart disease; it negatively affects skin, and it leads to premature aging. Cutting sugar can give you great skin. My acne has completely cleared up since I gave up sugar. Apparently, according to CNN, about 10% of the US population are true sugar addicts which means 1 out of 10 of you reading this blog is a sugar addict!

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