Delivery Meal Services

I recently have discovered that I get lazy and am more apt to grab something out if I have to cook for a long time after work and/or class. Being a full time student and working full time does not lend itself to tons of time to prepare for the lifestyle change I am trying to make. So I started shopping around online for meal kits that come refrigerated to your front door.

What I discovered though is that they are not cheap. In fact, even with the discount, I still find them extra expensive. It’s actually motivating me to get off my butt and go to the grocery store because I can get so much more for my money there.

I eased myself into the delivery meals by trying Blue Apron and also Green Chef. I have already cancelled my Blue Apron and I got my ingredients delivered two days ago. Blue Apron definitely had the most appealing looking food and meals, but they were way more unhealthy than necessary. The calories, carbs and fats and sugars in these meals were insane. (They also are high in sodium)! Blue Apron had me drooling over this burger meal that was actually based off the show Bob’s Burgers. The bun alone looked delicious. That sold me. But by the time I typed in my credit card info, I realized that there was nothing even in the realm of low-carb on Blue Apron. So I got my first meal, made it and then decided that this was the end. So I went searching for something better.

Being as I have been doing Keto since June 1st, I realized I really can’t deviate from that anymore. Anything I eat that’s a cheat meal shocks my system. (I learned that the hard way the other day by eating ice cream). So I found Green Chef. And I love it! I actually just finished eating my dinner, so the thoughts are fresh in my mind. Similarly, to Blue Apron, the ingredients are fresh and they come in cute packaging that makes cooking easier. What I liked about Green Chef more was not only the different diet meal kits they offered, but that their recipes seemed a lot more straight forward than Blue Apron. For me, I don’t mind more challenging recipes, but that might be a deal breaker for someone else. I also liked how many different types of diets there are. Check those out below. I took a screen shot!

Over all, Green Chef is pricey; I will say that much. If you refer a friend you get $25 dollars off one of your boxes… but what happens when you run out of friends to rope into Green Chef? You pay the full price of: $43/per week. The bottom line is, I am really not sure how long I am going to keep this up…It’s really not cost effective. It’s just paying for the convenience. So here’s my final product for tonight! I will post more as I make them!

This is: CURRY-SPICED PORK PATTIES, Lime-pickled onion & kale-cabbage salad with cashews.


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