Plus Size Clothing & Online Box Subscriptions

I’m going to go with the assumption more women read my material than guys, so…sorry guys, this post isn’t for you! :).

I have always struggled to find clothes that fit. Jeans that fit perfectly were either too long. I remember Plus Sized clothing looking awful about 5-6 years ago. It was frumpy ugly, mom/grandma style clothing. (Not to say mom clothing is all bad), but this clearly was not aesthetically pleasing. Fast forward until now, people are realizing the average sized woman in the United States is a size 14. And a size 14 is plus sized. Now, I have always struggled with finding clothes to hide my top-heavyness or fit my butt, or be the right length… but recently I have been having some good luck shopping!

I am trying not to buy a whole bunch of clothes as I am trying to lose weight and I am not trying to drop a lot of $$$ each time I go down a size. So, I try to buy the essentials I can get away with and work with. I also buy clothing a little on the smaller size just so I can get more use out of it.

Forever21- I don’t care that I’m not 21, I still shop here! Forever is where I get my going out clothes or the stuff I am trying to be trendy with. I also have to say they have a good selection of what I’d consider “sexy” plus size clothes. Where there’s a lot of space to accentuate what you got!

I love Forever21 because they are cheap. You definitely have to sift through the racks to find what you want. And I 100% recommend trying everything on before purchasing. Not every piece of clothing is cut the same way, so it’s not you- it’s the clothing. So don’t get stuck with a shirt that really should be a size medium in regular ladies clothing if it’s supposed to be a 3x. (It’s true, sometimes the sizing is THAT far off). So for rompers, overalls and maxi dresses along with some fake leather leggings etc, this is where I go for my trendy items! Not all clothing is one wash and throw-away. I’ve had some clothes for about 5 years strong from Forever! I also love Forever 21 for their basic black leggings. For under $6 dollars you can get a pair of (my favorite are capri) leggings. I stock up whenever I see them because they go quick. I’ve learned that the hard way. Other people know what’s good out there!

Old Navy- I call this place ‘Land of the free, home of the brave,’ because it is my favorite store. I can find things on a sale/clearance rack every time I step foot into this store for under $5, and it’s quality. I also buy ALL of my jeans from Old Navy. Lots of jeans fall down on me, or are too long. The “ankle” length are perfect for me (I’m 5’6) and they are the best quality jeans out there. They wash well and have lasted me YEARS. I have a pair of ON jeans going on 6 years currently!

My other love for this place stems from its workout gear. Man, their workout gear is amazing. I find their compression leggings to hold everything in, making workouts much easier on my body in all the right places. I also am a huge fan of their tanks and sports bras. I always stock up on the basic essentials when I stop into Old Navy. With this store, you do better in person.

Nordstrom ‘Trunk Club’- Nordstrom Trunk is my new favorite subscription. But let me preface this by saying, holy sh*t is it expensive. Each trunk comes with 12 items picked by your stylist. And they LISTEN to you. After being very picky and telling my stylist all my likes and dislikes, I finally got my first box. Everything really fit well. I liked about 7/12 items, but all fit. I decided to keep 3 from my box just because they were really expensive. I bought things I could use again. (One, being earrings). I got a black sexy top for date-night and a pair of white jeans (an essential for summer). Now the box can easily total over $1000 per box, depending on the accessories you get with it. Purses can pop in, shoes, jewelry etc. But I try to make sure to keep it all on the cheap end. I tell my stylist that, lol. I have no shame. Here’s images from my first trunk! Aren’t they cute?

StitchFix- I treat myself to the Nordstroms box once a month and every two weeks I am on rotation with StitchFix. I actually just got a box today (August 6th) and I am sending back 4 out of the 5 items chosen for me. I feel like their stylists don’t listen as much, and I’ve heard that from other people as well…so it seems to be a common theme. Though today, I got a pair of jeans that fit! (I just went down a size), and I can definitely wear these to work! Again, quality and customer service isn’t my favorite here…but that might be because I am comparing it to the Nordstroms box… which obviously is going to be great.

Dia & Co- I can’t review about this yet, although I am excited. I just signed up yesterday to get my box. I signed up for both the activewear (I am waitlisted), and also the regular box. So I guess I will have to come back to this at a later time. But so far, I like Dia & Co’s online interface and style quizzes and assessments way better than StitchFix. It seems like they really try to do their best and make the effort. So I will try this and let ya’ll know how it is!


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