Beginning/Restarting a Weight Loss Journey

Every time I started a diet prior to the one I am currently on, I have quit. So far, I have been strong in my lifestyle change since June 1st, with only one week of cheat meals. During this one week, I gained 3 pounds back…but over all nothing I can’t shed in one week. So now I’m down about 30 lbs. And that’s the positive attitude you need to get through those times you come off your diet. Cheating on your diet isn’t a justification to quit, it’s being human. You have to enjoy things in life that give you pleasure. And for a lot of people, and myself…food is a big deal! Family gatherings revolve around food for the most part, right? The holidays are definitely the worst! But by being bad for a week, or whatever amount of time doesn’t mean you can’t restart!

So below are some points I’ve come up with that have helped me in staying on my diet. These points are also totally applicable to restarting as well.

Starting on a day you are mentally ready

This is probably where everyone should start. It’s definitely the most important. Make sure you are ready to start your diet or weight-loss journey when YOU are ready. Just because everyone around you is doing it and encouraging you doesn’t mean it’s the right time. Because if you aren’t in the right state of mind, you are setting yourself up for failure. I know I can attest to this 100x over.

Finding a diet that is satisfying

Finding a diet that is satisfying is probably tied at number one in my opinion. The chances of someone staying long term on a diet and weight-loss journey with a diet that isn’t fulfilling is very low. I know with all the crazy diets I’ve tried before, I’ve quit because I was either too hungry, hated the shakes or something along those lines that didn’t work for me. And don’t be tricked into thinking drinking shakes is going to work…they are not meant for the typical person to use daily as meal supplements more than 1X a day. For instance, on the Beach Body Diet or Isagenix Diet, they suggest you have a shake for breakfast, lunch and then dinner you can have real food. So all day you’re supposed to starve yourself and be miserable? Maybe for the people who only need to lose 10 lbs. it’s okay… but for the people who are in it for the long-haul, it’s not sustainable.

I find that doing Low-Carb, higher proteins and fats is the winner. So either Keto or Paleo seems to be the way to go if you’re in it for the long haul. You can actually eat real food! Now I will use a shake for breakfast with a scoop of keto MTC oil in it. It fills you up a lot more than the regular protein shakes do. But again, I don’t religiously use shakes every day.

Being more active than before you started

It’s important to realize that you will shed weight so much quicker if you add exercise into your routine than if you change your lifestyle and eat well and don’t exercise. So start by being more active than normal. Challenge yourself to extra steps or a little longer on your feet each day. I try not to sit for an hour straight. I also recommend doing walks. Walking is so good for you and can do just as much as a cardio workout.

Also, realize the benefit of strength training as well. Lift some more stuff than you normally would. Or buy a pair of dumbbells just to keep around. Everything gets the blood moving and doing more than you did is always healthier. Remember, start slow. Don’t push yourself too hard.

And if you’re interested in running or LEARNING how to run, try this app: “Running” can be found in the Apple Store. Pretty sure it’s on Android as well. But this app will teach you how to run with different workouts. It’s all done in under 35 minutes and slowly you get faster with how much you improve. I love this app. I always use it for a warm-up at the gym.

Staying accountable

This is another really important thing on your journey. Make sure you stay on track. The easiest way for most people is to log all of your food/activity into your smartphone in different apps. I know that I use 6+ fitness apps just to monitor everything.

Also! Take a lot of pictures. Each week you will see a difference if you’re really sticking to your weight-loss journey. It’s a great feeling to see results and is a natural motivator! I use social media to track everything, especially Instagram. And you can too! Share your life with others and earn some easy likes. I know when I see someone likes my sweating workout picture at the gym around 3pm when I’m already ready for dinner…it makes me think Ok, 2 more hours and I’ll be home and eat healthy food in my fridge.

Concluding Thoughts…

Obviously this is all easier said than done. But you can do it if you’re in the right frame of mind with the right setup. No doubt! So stick with it! And if you’re like me and thinking about all the carbs you can get right now, just remember to try to stay accountable!

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